Growing in Christ

Resources from Grace Chapel

Grace Chapel provides a number of resources for growing Christian individuals and families. Not only is our Pastor teaching each week, but he is also engaged in disseminating some of the best Christian books and resources available through The Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics, A Puritan’s Mind and his publishing house, Puritan Publications. Consider reading some of the biblically rich resources listed below.


Do You See
Him Clearly?

Seeing Christ Clearly

How did Jesus view himself in the Gospels? Who is this divine Son of Man who comes down out of heaven? Do you see Christ clearly?


5 Marks of a Biblical Disciple by C. Matthew McMahon

What is a disciple? A disciple has “5 Marks” outlined in Scripture which demonstrate a Spirit-filled walking with Jesus Christ in newness of life.


5 Marks of a Biblical Church by C. Matthew McMahon

What are the marks of a biblical church? There are 5 marks that demonstrate the church as the pillar and ground of the truth.


5 Marks of Biblical Commitment to the Visible Body of Christ by C. Matthew McMahon

Are you a member of Christ’s church? Are you a covenanter? Do you support your church? Are you committed to it? How do you show it?

Series of Books on Biblical Worship

Does your church honor God in its public worship? Forbes explains 1 Timothy 3:13-16 to reformed churches that claim to uphold true worship, but may be missing the mark. An amazing and powerful work for today’s contemporary church.
Does the Regulative Principle only apply to public worship and not private worship? John Jackson shows how God’s word is to be applied in both private and public worship. (This book is not for the faint at heart!)
This classic work by Burroughs deals with the Regulative Principle: God alone determines the manner in which sinners approach him. This is a life-transforming and Christ-glorifying biblical work.
Knox’s treatise on True and False Worship demonstrates the inescapable consequence to consider whether you are worshipping God in the vanity of your own mind, or engaging in true worship.
Charnock tackles John 4:24 and shows how true worship is dictated by the Supreme Lawgiver, Jesus Christ. Annexed to this work is Jonathan Clapham’s excellent treatise on singing psalms.
Is the preacher doing what he is supposed to in his preaching in order for you to do what you are commanded to do in your duty to hear the word of God rightly?
John Owen’s work on both worship and psalm singing shows theological precision and hearty biblical exposition. Edward Hutchins on psalmody is nothing less than extraordinary.
Jesus Christ was very clear in John 4:24 about true worship. Wilson explains what it means to make worship not only simple, but according to God’s directives.