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(But we do have some things you should know…)

Emailing Dr. McMahon at Grace Chapel

Please read this page before emailing.

The email address you want to use is [email protected].

We regularly monitor this email account Monday through Friday. On occasion, we may check on Saturdays or Sundays, but this is not typical.

If you’re considering joining us for worship, we would be happy for you to visit. In the interest of seamless coordination, we kindly ask that you inform us in advance if you plan to attend. Regrettably, last-minute emails, such as those sent late Saturday evening, might not be reviewed in time, possibly leading to complications in joining our service and gaining directions. Why is this important, and why don’t we have an address listed on this site?

Grace Chapel is situated on private property, a setup reminiscent of older English churches that were housed on a landowner’s estate. This distinctive arrangement has provided us with the privilege of constructing a dedicated sanctuary and other associated facilities, creating a serene environment for worship and fellowship. This also brings with it the idea that people are coming to visit here at our home.

Adhering to the Apostle’s principle of maintaining things “decently and in order” is of significant importance to us. We convene in the church sanctuary 10 minutes prior to the commencement of our service at 11am CST, when the Call to Worship is given. Additionally, we have people from various locations around the country joining us remotely, making timely organization imperative for us, so we start on time. This means, being a few minutes early for the service is important.

In light of our distinct setting, we kindly request that you communicate your intention to visit beforehand. This ensures we are prepared for your arrival “at our home.” Please also note, for practical reasons, the chapel doors are secured just before the service begins, and due to the nature of the building, it is hard to hear anyone knocking from outside if they arrive past the time the service begins.

We genuinely look forward to the opportunity of welcoming you, and hope you can visit with us.

Also, if you have any questions of any other kind, (doctrine, Confessional, worship related, etc.) Dr. McMahon would be happy to answer them.