The Psalms of David in Metre

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Psalm 112

This psalm is also alphabetically composed; and contains, (1.) Invitations to praise God, ver. 1. (2.) A delineation of the saints’ character and blessedness: that they are well principled, honest, sincere, and kind; and shall be blessed with prosperity, outward and inward, with comfort amidst griefs, wisdom amidst perplexity, and with honour and stability; and shall have their posterity blessed after them, ver. 2-9. (3.) The misery of the wicked, ver. 10. 

While I sing this, let me try my character, and rejoice in hope of being blessed in Christ Jesus, with all spiritual, temporal, and everlasting blessings.

1 Praise ye the Lord. The man is blessed
that fears the Lord aright,
He who in his commandments
doth greatly take delight.

2 His seed and offspring powerful
shall be the earth upon:
Of upright men blesséd shall be
the generation.

3 Riches and wealth shall ever be
within his house in store;
And his unspotted righteousness
endures for evermore.

4 Unto the upright light doth rise,
though he in darkness be:
Compassionate, and merciful,
and righteous, is he.

5 A good man doth his favor show,
and doth to others lend:
He with discretion his affairs
will guide unto the end.

6 Surely there is not any thing
that ever shall him move:
The righteous man’s memorial
shall everlasting prove.

7 When he shall evil tidings hear,
he shall not be afraid:
His heart is fixed, his confidence
upon the Lord is stayed.

8 His heart is firmly stablishéd,
afraid he shall not be,
Until upon his enemies
he his desire shall see.

9 He hath dispersed, giv’n to the poor;
his righteousness shall be
To ages all; with honor shall
his horn be raised high.

10 The wicked shall it see, and fret,
his teeth gnash, melt away:
What wicked men do most desire
shall utterly decay.