The Psalms of David in Metre

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Psalm 122

This psalm appears to have been composed for the use of the Hebrews at their three solemn feasts, Lev. 23. We have in it, (1.) Expressions of great joy in going up to Jerusalem, ver. 1-2. (2.) High commendations of the beauty, order, sanctity, and honour of Jerusalem, ver. 3-5. (3.) The duty and happiness of such as are really concerned for the welfare of Jerusalem, the church of God, ver. 6-9.

While I sing, let me remember the gospel church, bewail her disorders, supplicate for her welfare, and set my heart on the Jerusalem which is above, and into which nothing can enter that defileth or disturbs. O when shall my feet stand there! When shall I see my Jesus, on his great white throne, and sit with him in his glory.

A Song of Ascents, Of David.

1 I joyed when to the house of God,
Go up, they said to me.
2 Jerusalem, within thy gates
our feet shall standing be.

3 Jerus’lem, as a city, is
compactly built together:
4 Unto that place the tribes go up,
the tribes of God go thither:

To Isr’el’s testimony, there
to God’s name thanks to pay.
5 For thrones of judgment, ev’n the thrones
of David’s house, there stay.

6 Pray that Jerusalem may have
peace and felicity:
Let them that love thee and thy peace
have still prosperity.

7 Therefore I wish that peace may still
within thy walls remain,
And ever may thy palaces
prosperity retain.

8 Now, for my friends’ and brethren’s sakes,
Peace be in thee, I’ll say.
9 And for the house of God our Lord,
I’ll seek thy good alway.