The Psalms of David in Metre

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Psalm 126

This psalm relates to some remarkable deliverance of the Jewish church, perhaps from Babylon, as typical of those of the gospel church; and, (1.) Represents great admiration of, and thankfulness for the deliverance, ver. 1-3. (2.) Contains prayers for, and encouragement to saints exercised with tribulations, ver. 4-6.

While I sing, let me admire the Lord’s kindness to my country, to his gospel church ­ to mankind ­ to my soul. And, in my remaining distress, personal or relative, let me sow in mourning and supplication, that I may through grace reap joyful deliverances, and everlasting consolations.

1 When Zion’s bondage God turned back,
as men that dreamed were we.
2 Then filled with laughter was our mouth,
our tongue with melody:

They ‘mong the heathen said, The Lord
great things for them hath wrought.
3 The Lord hath done great things for us,
whence joy to us is brought.

4 As streams of water in the south,
our bondage, Lord, recall.
5 Who sow in tears, a reaping time
of joy enjoy they shall.

6 That man who, bearing precious seed,
in going forth doth mourn,
He doubtless, bringing back his sheaves,
rejoicing shall return.