The Psalms of David in Metre

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Psalm 128

This psalm exhibits, (1.) The comprehensive duty of all, particularly married persons, ver. 1. (2.) The advantage of studying it, viz., success in employments; comfort and honour in relations; joy in the prosperity of God’s church, and of their own offspring, ver. 2-6.

While I sing, let me be ashamed, let me be pained on account of my deficiency in holiness, and of the hurt my family and the church of God have thereby sustained. Let me behold the great gain of true godliness, having the promises of this life, and of that which is to come.

1 Blessed is each one that fears the Lord,
and walketh in his ways;
2 For of thy labour thou shalt eat,
and happy be always.

3 Thy wife shall as a fruitful vine
by thy house’ sides be found:
Thy children like to olive-plants
about thy table round.

4 Behold, the man that fears the Lord,
thus bless-ed shall he be.
5 The Lord shall out of Zion give
his blessing unto thee:

Thou shalt Jerus’lem’s good behold
whilst thou on earth dost dwell.
6 Thou shalt thy children’s children see,
and peace on Israel.