The Psalms of David in Metre

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Psalm 129

Whether this psalm was penned when David brought up the ark of God to Mount Zion, 2Sam. 6, or relates to the Chaldean captivity, is uncertain. In it, the people of God, (1.) Look back on their often-repeated tribulations, with thankfulness to God for their deliverances from Egypt, and from their oppressors under the Judges, Saul, etc., ver. 1-4. (2.) They look forward, with a believing prayer for, and prospect of the destruction of all their implacable enemies, ver. 5-8.

While I sing, let me not only be affected with what the Lord did for the Jewish, but chiefly with what he hath done for the gospel church: and let me, in faith, cry for, and expect the downfall of Antichrist, and of all other enemies of Christ and his church.

1 Oft did they vex me from my youth,
may Isr’el now declare;
2 Oft did they vex me from my youth,
yet not victorious were.

3 The plowers plowed upon my back;
they long their furrows drew.
4 The righteous Lord did cut the cords
of the ungodly crew.

5 Let Zion’s haters all be turned
back with confusion.
6 As grass on houses’ tops be they,
which fades ere it be grown:

7 Whereof enough to fill his hand
the mower cannot find;
Nor can the man his bosom fill,
whose work is sheaves to bind.

8 Neither say they who do go by,
God’s blessing on you rest:
We in the name of God the Lord
do wish you to be blest.