The Psalms of David in Metre

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Psalm 17

Here in the depths of distress, (1.) David appeals to God concerning the integrity of his heart, and the justness of his cause, ver. 1-4. (2) He prays for establishment in grace within, for tokens of divine favour from above; and for preservation from his carnal, malicious and insolent, his restless and powerful enemies, around, ver. 5-14. (3.) His triumphs in the assured faith of his everlasting enjoyment of, and conformity to God, ver. 15.

Let me also here look after Jesus, in whose heart was no deceit, and in whose mouth was no guile: Jesus, who fulfilled all righteousness for me; and who, notwithstanding all the rage of devils and men, hath sat down at the right hand of God, crowned with glory and honour. Let me remember, that he, as the forerunner is for me entered into mansions of bliss; and hath left me an example, that I should follow his steps.

A Prayer of David

1 Lord, hear the right, attend my cry,
unto my pray’r give heed,
That doth not in hypocrisy
from feigned lips proceed.

2 And from before thy presence forth
my sentence do thou send:
Toward these things that equal are
do thou thine eyes intend.

3 Thou prov’dst mine heart, thou visit’dst me
by night, thou didst me try,
Yet nothing found’st; for that my mouth
shall not sin, purposed I.

4 As for men’s works, I, by the word
that from thy lips doth flow,
Did me preserve out of the paths
wherein destroyers go.

5 Hold up my goings, Lord, me guide
in those thy paths divine,
So that my footsteps may not slide
out of those ways of thine.

6 I called have on thee, O God,
because thou wilt me hear:
That thou may’st hearken to my speech,
to me incline thine ear.

7 Thy wondrous loving-kindness show,
thou that, by thy right hand,
Sav’st them that trust in thee from those
that up against them stand.

8 As th’ apple of the eye me keep;
in thy wings shade me close
9 From lewd oppressors, compassing
me round, as deadly foes.

10 In their own fat they are enclosed;
their mouth speaks loftily.
11 Our steps they compassed; and to ground
down bowing set their eye.

12 He like unto a lion is
that’s greedy of his prey,
Or lion young, which lurking doth
in secret places stay.

13 Arise, and disappoint my foe,
and cast him down, O Lord:
My soul save from the wicked man,
the man which is thy sword.

14 From men, which are thy hand, O Lord,
from worldly men me save,
Which only in this present life
their part and portion have.

Whose belly with thy treasure hid
thou fill’st: they children have
In plenty; of their goods the rest
they to their children leave.

15 But as for me, I thine own face
in righteousness will see;
And with thy likeness, when I wake,
I satisfied shall be.