The Psalms of David in Metre

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Psalm 26

A Psalm of David. Here, (1.) David solemnly appeals to God concerning his integrity; his constant regard to him and his grace; his regular attendance upon instituted ordinances: and his fixed aversion to sin and sinners, ver. 1-8. (2.) He deprecates from himself, the condemnation of the wicked, and his being shut up in society with them, ver. 9-10. (3.) Depending on the mercy of God, he resolves to hold fast his integrity, and maintain his confident hopes of eternal life, ver. 11-12.

While I sing, let the perfect God-man come into my mind. Let me wash myself in the blood of Christ, and so compass God’s altar with songs of praise for his favors. Making Jesus’ example my pattern, let his ordinances be my pleasure, and his people my only real friends on earth.

A Psalm of David.

1 Judge me, O Lord, for I have walked
in mine integrity:
I trusted also in the Lord;
slide therefore shall not I.

2 Examine me, and do me prove;
try heart and reins, O God:
3 For thy love is before mine eyes,
thy truth’s paths I have trod

4 With persons vain I have not sat,
nor with dissemblers gone:
5 Th’ assembly of ill men I hate;
to sit with such I shun.

6 Mine hands in innocence, O Lord,
I’ll wash and purify;
So to thine holy altar go,
and compass it will I:

7 That I, with voice of thanksgiving,
may publish and declare,
And tell of all thy mighty works,
that great and wondrous are.

8 The habitation of thy house,
Lord, I have lovèd well;
Yea, in that place I do delight
where doth thine honor dwell.

9 With sinners gather not my soul,
and such as blood would spill:
10 Whose hands mischievous plots, right hand
corrupting bribes do fill.

11 But as for me, I will walk on
in mine integrity:
Do thou redeem me, and, O Lord,
be merciful to me.

12 My foot upon an even place
doth stand with steadfastness:
Within the congregations
th’ Eternal I will bless.