The Psalms of David in Metre

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Psalm 28

A Psalm of David. Observe here, (1.) David, amidst great distress, earnestly supplicating deliverance from his God, ver. 1-3. (2.) His implacable enemies doomed to the just punishment of their sin, ver. 4-5. (3.) Himself triumphing in God, as the hearer of his prayers, and as his protector, help and strength, ver. 6-8. (4.) His solemn supplication for salvation and blessedness; for nourishment, honour, and safety to the people of God, ver. 9.

While I remember Jesus of Nazareth whose cries in trouble were so vehement; whose implacable enemies incur such fearful misery; and who being exalted to the right hand of God, and made full of joy with his countenance, maketh continual intercession for his chosen race let my soul lift up her voice to God, for rich and everlasting blessings to myself and his church.

A Psalm of David.

1 To thee I’ll cry, O Lord, my rock;
hold not thy peace to me;
Lest like those that to pit descend
I by thy silence be.

2 The voice hear of my humble pray’rs,
when unto thee I cry;
When to thine holy oracle
I lift mine hands on high.

3 With ill men draw me not away
that work iniquity;
That speak peace to their friends, while in
their hearts doth mischief lie.

4 Give them according to their deeds
and ills endeavorèd:
And as their handy-works deserve,
to them be renderèd.

5 God shall not build, but them destroy,
who would not understand
The Lord’s own works, nor did regard
the doing of his hand.

6 For ever bless-ed be the Lord,
for graciously he heard
The voice of my petitions,
and prayers did regard.

7 The Lord’s my strength and shield; my heart
upon him did rely;
And I am helpèd: hence my heart
doth joy exceedingly,

And with my song I will him praise.
8 My strength is God alone:
He also is the saving strength
of his anointed one.

9 O thine own people do thou save,
bless thine inheritance;
Them also do thou feed, and them
for evermore advance.