The Psalms of David in Metre

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Psalm 6

Observe here, (1.) David, a great saint, under grievous and manifold troubles, sickness of body, conscience-felt charges of guilt, vexation of mind, attended with desertion from God, and contemptuous insults from his enemies, ver. 2, 3, 5, 7, 9. (2.) His supplications, with strong cries and tears, to God for mitigation of trouble, support under it, and deliverance from it, ver. 1, 4, 6. (3.) His triumphant separation of himself from the wicked, in the full assurance of faith, that God had heard, and would graciously grant his requests, and would either convert or destroy his opposers, ver. 8, 10.

In all my afflictions, let me believe that Jesus was afflicted for me. Let me call my sin to remembrance, spread my case before him, fill my mouth with arguments; implore his abundant, free, and sovereign mercy, as my sole and all-comprehensive relief. Nor let me ever expect a comfortable answer to my prayers, while I cultivate an intimacy with profane and wicked men.

(L.M. First Tune)

To the chief Musician on Neginoth upon Sheminith,
A Psalm of David.

1 Lord, in thy wrath rebuke me not;
Nor in thy hot rage chasten me.
2 Lord, pity me, for I am weak:
Heal me, for my bones vexed be.

3 My soul is also vexed sore;
But, Lord, how long stay wilt thou make
4 Return, O Lord, my soul set free;
O save me, for thy mercies’ sake.

5 Because those that deceased are
Of thee shall no remembrance have;
And who is he that will to thee
Give praises lying in the grave?

6 I with my groaning weary am,
I also all the night my bed
Have caused for to swim; and I
With tears my couch have watered.

7 Mine eye, consumed with grief, grows old,
Because of all mine enemies.
8 Hence from me, wicked workers all;
For God hath heard my weeping cries.

9 God hath my supplication heard,
My pray’r received graciously
10 Shamed and sore vexed be all my foes,
Shamed and back turnèd suddenly.