Grace Reformed Church in Tennessee?

If you’re looking to find a CHURCH that embodies the essence of GRACE, adheres to the REFORMED tradition, and is situated in the heart of Tennessee, then Grace Chapel in Crossville, TN, emerges as a light to spiritual integrity. We are not just another “institution using Christian terminology;” it’s a community deeply committed to living out the teachings of the Bible, embracing the ways of God with unwavering devotion. In an era where many claim to follow Christ yet stray from the foundational truths of Scripture, Grace Chapel stands as a testament to genuine faithfulness, aligning strictly with the Scriptures, the Westminster Standards, and the Synod of Dordt, without any exceptions.

The Lord’s Day services at Grace Chapel are a reflection of this steadfast adherence to biblical principles, conducted with reverence and a deep sense of the regulative principle of worship. Following the Westminster Directory of Public Worship to the letter, each service is an opportunity to honor the Lord Jesus Christ in a manner that resonates with the Historic Reformed Worship practices established by the Protestant reformers. This approach not only honors the Bible, but also connects the congregation with the rich heritage of their faith.

Central to the teachings at Grace Chapel is the doctrine of covenant theology, which highlights the overwhelming grace of Jesus Christ as our ultimate KING and SOVEREIGN. This theological framework is pivotal, as articulated in Ephesians 2:8-10, emphasizing that it is by grace through faith that we are saved, not from ourselves, but as a gift from God, prepared for good works which God ordained for us to walk in.

Grace Chapel extends a warm invitation to all who are seeking a deeper, more authentic connection with God. By exploring the Home Page, visitors can gain insights into our vision, mission, and the array of spiritual resources available. For those eager to explore the church’s doctrinal foundations, the top links on this page serve as a gateway to a wealth of information on our beliefs and principles.

Moreover, for a comprehensive understanding of the church’s unwavering commitment to the Westminster Standards, a visit to the denomination’s page at the Biblical Reformed Synod of Christ the King is highly recommended. This resource offers a glimpse into the broader community of faith that Grace Chapel is a part of, highlighting their collective dedication to upholding the truths of the Reformed tradition in today’s world.

Grace Chapel in Crossville, TN, is not merely a place of worship but a vibrant community of believers passionately pursuing the heart of God through the lens of biblical Reformed theology. It stands as a sanctuary for all those who cherish the historic tenets of their faith while striving to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every aspect of their lives.