Searching for a Reformed Church in Tennessee?

Nestled in the heart of Crossville, TN, Grace Chapel shines as a light to the Reformed tradition, distinctively standing as a true Reformed Church in Tennessee. Our church is deeply embedded in the unshakable pillars of Scripture, the revered Westminster Standards, and the historic Synod of Dordt—embracing these cornerstones in their entirety, without exception.

As you step through our doors on the Lord’s Day, you’ll find yourself enveloped in an atmosphere of reverence and devotion, reflective of the purest form of Historic Reformed Worship found in Scripture. Our services meticulously align with the Westminster Directory of Public Worship, celebrating and honoring our Lord Jesus Christ in a manner that traces back to the very roots established by the reformers. This is not just a gathering; it’s a rekindling of the sacred fires of ancient Christian worship.

At the core of our teachings lies the profound and life-transforming Covenant of Grace spotlighting the boundless grace of Jesus Christ, our eternal KING and SOVEREIGN; illuminating the path to a life anchored in divine purpose and fulfillment.

We warmly invite you and your family to explore the rich heritage of our church community through our Home Page. Here, you’ll discover the essence of who we are, our mission, and the guiding principles that shape our church. For those thirsting for a deeper dive into our doctrinal foundations and beliefs, our website serves as a gateway, with links thoughtfully positioned at the top of the page to lead your exploration.

For a glimpse into our steadfast commitment to the Westminster Standards and our vibrant engagement with the broader Reformed tradition, our denomination’s page at the Biblical Reformed Synod of Christ the King awaits your visit.

This is your invitation to become part of a community where biblical faith meets the living, breathing present—where history, tradition, and the transformative power of grace converge to create a sanctuary for all who seek to worship and grow in the truth of Jesus Christ.

Join us at Grace Chapel, where faith is lived, traditions are cherished, and families grow together in the grace and knowledge of our Lord.